Illustration Friday 2014, and Happy New Year!

© Cheryl Kirk Noll "Time Passes"

© Cheryl Kirk Noll "Time Passes"

Warmest wishes to all during this "Polar Vortex." May your 2014 be productive, healthy and filled with peace and love.

A Happy and Joyous New Year to All!

This week's Illustration Friday has the prompt word: "TIME." How appropriate for a new year.

I'm floating on the automatic high of "starting fresh," as I do every January. Still, I'm posting an old piece... "Time Passes." Although it's remains one of my favorites, it is 13 years old! Perhaps I'll do an update in a decade or two!

IF # 25: TRAIN

I didn't manage to post the piece I worked on for this weeks Illustration Friday on time, but here it is. My thinking... you must TRAIN your eye to become an artist.

© Cheryl Kirk Noll, watercolor and colored pencil

I started this some time ago, but I reformatted it, reworked the main character and added some details. It is for a project I'm working on with my friend Linda. The story takes place in France in the 1880's.

Illustration Friday # 23: URBAN

I was determined to do the Illustration Friday prompt again this week. I pulled out an assignment I did for the class I took last semester at RISD in Adobe Illustrator. We were asked to do a copy of a travel poster, which was lots of fun. After I finished it, I worked on a travel poster for Providence, RI, where I live. This one isn't a copy, but designed using several photos I took of the obelisk and Courthouse  downtown. After finishing it up today, I lost the new work, so I did a quick Photoshop touch up for some of the final details. (sigh).

Providence ©Cheryl Kirk Noll

Providence ©Cheryl Kirk Noll